Final Screening Sets the Top 15!

Final Screening Sets the Top 15!

Last March 5, 2015 at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, the Final Judging for ArchiNEXT: HCG Young Designers’ Competition was staged.

Still through ‘blind’ (meaning judges won’t be able to see the name and school of the entry) judging, the Magic 42 entries were spread across the room and judges took their time in digesting and scrutinizing the ideas of the students.

If during the preliminary screening, four (4) esteemed judges were invited, in the final screening, three (3) more judges joined the roster for a total of seven (7).

Aside from Arch. Luis Ferrer- uap, piep, Arch. Fidel Jose Siapno, fuap, Arch. Michael Tomeldan, uap, piep and Arch. Rey Gabitan, uap, piep the following respectable judges were also invited:

  • Arch. Ted Villamor Inocencio, fuap- Dean of the College of Architecture of Polytechnic University of the Philippines and Chair of the College Council of Deans and Heads of Architectural Schools in the Philippines(CODHASP)
  • Arch. Ma. Benita O. Regala, fuap- National Housing Authority Department Manager for Housing Technology Development Office and United Architects of the Philippines National President
  • Sam Chen- an industrial designer by profession; Current President of Hocheng Philippines Corporation

At the end of a rigorous day, the top 15 are the following:

Laredo Angelo D. Paras, Jr. Tarlac State University
Joanne Pauline A. Villanueva Polytechnic University of the Philippines
Gino Vincent M. Diongzon University of the Assumption
Christian Salvador Martinez University of the Assumption
Jann Paolo Emmanuel D., Dela Cruz Tarlac State University
Clarisse Estela S. Peralta Tarlac State University
Riziel Dahren A. Soliveres Tarlac State University
Klina S. Reyes University of San Carlos
Marchie Teodoro Borja National University
Nerique Louis P. Taruc Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University
Regie A. Rico Tarlac State University
Marco F. Andriade Tarlac State University
Cris Cyrill P. Reyes Tarlac State University
Deo V. Balanay Tarlac State University
Michelle R. Vergara University of Northern Philippines

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