ArchiNEXT 2019 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

ArchiNEXT 2019 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I am about to start my project, but I don’t know the dimensions of the Old Paco PNR Station. Where can I find it?

A: We provided the ground and second floor plan of the Old Paco PNR Station at our website. You may download it and have the complete measurements.

Q: We already have the floor plan measurement, but we don’t know the total lot area. Will we get the total lot area as well?

A: We weren’t able to provide the total lot area of the Paco Station as giving it would include the railway and its side. But to proceed with your project, simply follow the lot width of the required side of the station and extend the length until the dimensions meet the 7,500 SQM total.

Q: You provided the front and rear elevation of the station, but it doesn’t have measurements. How can we obtain it?

A: We can say that the approximate height of the side structure is about 8 m, while the rectangular pediment entry porch is about 14 m high.

Q: Is there a road right of way, or setbacks of this project?

A: Since we don’t have the exact lot dimensions/technical descriptions of the whole lot itself, we can only tell that the students may only consider the following: – There is a skyway built in front of the façade. The pediment is almost face to face with the side of the skyway, with an approximate distance of 3 m. – There is an unfinished mall beside the station. This side is our requirement of the extension area. You can just consider that the structure is not present at all. – If the design will approximately meet the road beside the station, it doesn’t matter. The only consideration of building the structure is the road in front of the façade (below the skyway construction), and the railway itself. – As aforementioned, you cannot build on the other side (where construction materials of the skyway is situated), and on the railway lot. Again, the site extension is where the supposed to be mall was built.

Q: You said we need to retain the façade but I want to build something above it. Is it possible?

A: Yes. As long as you retain the original design of the façade, building above it, or at the back of it would be fine. If you think the architectural addition you will place will make it more functional or aesthetic, you may give it a go.

Q: I want to visit the station. How can I get access?

A: Unfortunately, one cannot enter the property. The lot itself is owned by the Philippine National Railways (PNR), but it is currently rented by a private company. Since we want to help our entrants achieve the details we have, we believe we have provided important details like the floor plans with dimensions, front and rear elevations, as well as photos, and drone videos for the site overview. For the students’ safety, we don’t advise an attempt in entering the station. This access limitation is also an advantage to all entrants as the competition will be fair enough for everyone.

Q: What facility can we make out of it? Can we make it a train station again?

A: Like what we say, this year, sky’s the limit. It is up to you if you are going to make it a train station again, or a totally different structure. Always remember to consider our key criteria as this will be the basis for the judging.

Q: I will send my entry today. Where can I send it?

A: You may send your entries via the nearest LBC Branch. We will be shouldering the courier fee, provided that you download the free shipping form and bring the requirement as you ship your entry. Please make sure to complete the requirements before submitting, and write eligibly in the form, for us to be able to contact you shall there be problems encountered.

Q: Can I personally send my entry to your office?

A: Yes. We are located at 1163 Chino Roces Avenue, Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City, and we can accept entries Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. As this is allowed, it is not our responsibility to shoulder your transportation expenses, and your safety as well.

Q: I have sent my entry already. Will I know if you have received it?

A: We will not be sending out confirmation messages regarding the entries we receive. But, you can always communicate with us through our platforms if you really want to make sure your entry is received. We will respond as soon as we can.

Q: Will this project be built?

A: We cannot promise that we can build the winning project for this year’s competition. However, we are in contact with the office of the Philippine National Railways (PNR). We will set a meeting after the competition, and with the winner’s consent, we will submit the winning design to them. It is up to them if they will consider the project to be built.

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