Form To Farm: Social + Economic Hub

J.B.Joao Manzanilla of Don Honorio Ventura State University incorporates solutions to help feed the hungry and provide a source of living for those living in the city.

Form to Farm is an entire place for farming that aims to produce and sell fresh goods in one site. It also gives space for hydroponics, one way of conserving and reusing water in indoor farming.

Hydroponics saves up tp 70% of water compared to normal usage in such buildings. It is one of the many green solutions applicable for the Metro Manila area, given that there were instances of water shortage.

The goal of this project is to give access, livelihood, and help local residents produce healthy and fresh goods while reducing water consumption. Even though the initial cost will be a little higher compared to other machines/ devices, the long term savings is still much higher and more efficient for the changing world.

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