De Ilaw

Roel Alejandrino of Don Honorio Ventura State University visualizes an innovative, mixed used building that alters as a photography site to sustain it’s tourism promotion.

De Ilaw is inspired by a Peel Reel, protecting the safety of old film rolls recorded by a camera. The site reimagines a Paco Station with delight as the structure is more on an open spaced, multi purposed building for recreational activities.

It is envisioned to be a “photography site”, perfect for city travellers looking for something new to see. This beauty can also be promoted as millenials are always seeking for “instagrammable” places for hangouts.

More than the physical beaut of the proposed project, it also allows natural light to enter, as it has a tropical design also letting cool air to circulate. Green Architecture in this design promotes sustainable adaptive reuse of the Old Paco Railway Station.

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