MOBIUS: Connecting People Through Art

The design by John Carlo Mendoza of National University garnered the Second Place and the Best Presentation Award. Mobius promotes cultural appreciation through an art gallery surrounded by commercial spaces with a garden atop the structure.

The walkable, biker friendly structure has a food park, transportation hub, events space, and a dancing fountain to accentuate connection to its visitors, especially families.

Aside from these sources of income for the locals, urban farming is added to produce fruits and vegetables, but most especially to contribute in decreasing carbon emissions from vehicles that pass by.

The rich culture and heritage appreciation in the Philippines is slowly deteriorating and this design promotes uplifting and reviving the social relevance and importance for these to be shared.

Mobius, derived from mobius strip, is inspired by its denotation of a fixed rectangular strip extended and connected to the first end. In this project, it has a connotation of connecting the existing Old Paco Railway Station to the new structure; thus, connecting the rich culture and heritage of the country to the present generation.

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