Paco Village: A Community Center

Dahniel Mendoza from Bulacan State University aspires to maximize space, give livelihood, and make sure that education and recreation will not be left behind. With his entry “Paco Village: A Community Center”, he proves that he deserves to be our 6th Place Winner.

The site is equipped to accommodate residents in the area, providing job opportunities with its training centers; recreational and educational activities for children.

Filipinos are naturally inclined with family, and even acquaintances, and this structure allows people to be able to communicate and share through the available spaces and purpose for each.

This proposed structure is as complete as it can be. Community members can embrace better living in the site, provided that all needs and wants can be catered, too.

Added to that, Green Walls will let the Center breathe and give enough greens for the area. This vision gives a complete, city living experience that future community members will appreciate and make them stay.

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