LUMA x BAGO: A Proposed Social and Cultural Center

Jay Oliver Cadaguit of Tarlac State University proposes his design utilizing one of the most abundant plants in the country, bamboo. In his design, he re imagines a social space bounded by remnants of the Old Paco Station.

Aside from the vision of sustainability and heritage preservation, Cadaguit sees the potential of using bamboo as one of the materials to promote a smooth transition of the old and new: structure and connotation alike. This transition also promotes air circulation perfect for the humid environment in Manila.

Multipurpose rooms and galleries maximized the available lot space, which makes this structure a culture centered, economically friendly place.

As part of the rebirth of the station, ground activities are visible for people in all walks of life. This way, interaction between people and the structure will be simultaneous, thus, the giving it a new, better purpose for the benefit of many.

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