Balik Tanaw

Balik Tanaw

Aeron Carl Calapati from Bulacan State University revived an old palaruan site to a vibrant multiplex space for relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by greens for a better environment, this site exemplifies art and social spaces above all.

The playful yet meaningful design is relaxing to the eyes, taking away the stress of the physical world we are living in: glued to gadgets, tired from our daily work, and away from nature. Balik Tanaw offers a solution in these problems in a more effective way.

Complete with facilities for a balanced space, walkways and bike lanes are also prioritized in his project. Visible walkways and bike lanes did not hinder the design aesthetic, as it seemed like the whole structure is built for it.

Finding the balance between nature, culture, art, and social living, this masterpiece is a must see project.

Aeron Carl Calapati is the 6th Place Winner of ArchiNEXT 2020.