Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ArchiNEXT 2021

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for ArchiNEXT 2021

About the site:

Q: Is there a maximum total lot area?
A: No. The minimum total lot area is 1.2 hectares. Participants can still extend the lot area if needed.

Q: My site has an existing structure, can I still use this?
A: Yes. If you think the project is more fit in the area, you can use it. You may include your justification in the narrative design concept to be submitted so the judges have an idea on why you suggested the site.

Q: Are we allowed to use the same site?
A: Yes. Some schools look for a site to be used by the students. This is allowed especially now that movement and going outside is limited for everyone’s safety.

Q: Are we allowed to use Google Maps as reference for the site?
A: Yes. It is advised for the safety of the participants, since ocular visits are still risky at this time.
About the General Hospital:

Q: Is there a minimum/maximum number of floors?
A: None. You can have as much floors in your design, as long as the number of bed capacities (100-150) is followed.

Q: Where can I get the guidelines for making the General Hospital?
A: You may look for it in the Department of Health’s website or proceed to our website. We already uploaded the file for your convenience.
About the Extended Emergency Facility:

Q: My extended facility is not directly beside the General Hospital. Is this allowed?
A: Yes. As long as it is still in close proximity to the General Hospital, and there is an easier way/road that leads/connects the facilities together.

About the submission:

Q: Am I allowed to submit manual drawings?
A: Yes. Manual drawings are allowed. It can also be a mixed of manual and digital drawings.

Q: Am I allowed to have more than 4 pages for my project?
A: No. A maximum of 4 pages are required for the competition. Previously, our theme has multiple facilities but participants were still able to fit their projects in.

Q: If my entry arrives on January, am I still qualified?
A: Yes. As long as it was sent on or before the deadline in the LBC Outlet, it is still qualified.

About eligibility:

Q: I have subjects for second year level yet I am enrolled as a third year student. Can I still join?
A: Yes. Please make sure that your registration forms state that you’re either a third or fourth year student even if you have subjects for other year levels.

Q: We joined as a group for the competition. Will there be a separate judging for our works?
A: No. For now, we only have one category for judging in all entries. The prizes will also be shared among the members of the group.

These are the common inquiries we get from students and professors. If you have more inquiries, kindly send us a message here or through our Facebook Page,
Stay safe and good luck!