Miguel Ignacio from Technological Institute of the Philippines imitated footsteps to serve as his design concept for his idea, Hakbang. His chosen location is Nangka in Marikina City, the shoe capital of the Philippines.

Two main buildings are somehow intertwined by shoelaces, further representing the ideology and physically making it to life. This open, green environment allows interaction, and conventional shaped spaces for a new experience.

Packed with different features and uniquely shaped spaces, it also has rain water catchment added which suits perfectly to the usually flooded city. Aesthetic meets functionality through Hakbang.

Playful and creative structures add color and happy vibes. It also looks luminescent, with abundance of natural light and controlled temperature through plants around it.

Aside from adding life to the city, it also promotes Marikina in such a way that it’ll be more appreciated by many. It contributes to tourism, and the recognition of livelihood that helped generations until now. Miguel Ignacio’s entry is the 5th Place Winner of ArchiNEXT 2020.