Rigor’s Community Multiplex Green Interactive Space

Rigor’s Community Multiplex Green Interactive Space

ArchiNEXT continues to seek sustainable projects and Cyris Joaquin Rigor from Mapua University presented a well thought of, environmental friendly design that also requires not much cost for it to be attainable.

Inspired by the blooms of a sunflower, it radiates positive energy through various reductions of heat, and efficiently emanating natural beauty of plants and flowers.

Not solely for aesthetic purposes, the core of his project, the “Flower Dome” acts as a focal point in which all “petals” provide other facilities ArchiNEXT required. Indoor and outdoor spaces in this site has a fine line in between them, but Rigor made sure that each is executed well and right. The inside of the spaces are coherent with what you see outside, and you can feast your eyes with a spectacular view of how the whole site is integrated with the beauty of a sunflower.

Opting for change in the community in a better way, his chosen site in Caloocan is used to congestion and less to none functional spaces for students, visitors, and the residents. With this vision, public interactions are possible, reducing stress in daily lives of people. An indoor and outdoor space is used for art exhibitions; the flower dome is infused with real flowers attracting guests with visual and olfactory impacts; and most of all, an interaction point that binds certain areas of the design.

It all comes to details as various innovations and ideas filled Rigor’s concept. Most of these concern heat reduction and utilizing natural resources to form energy. Solar trees are not only for power, but for misting, and shade as well.

Cyris Joaquin Rigor is the 3rd Place Winner of ArchiNEXT 2020.