2nd Place: PIKALAWAG

2nd Place: PIKALAWAG

Pikalawag Community Hospital: An Integrated General Hospital and Community Aquaponic Garden is the Top 2 entry of ArchiNEXT 2021. Made by students from Univeristy of Santo Tomas, this entry stood out of the rest and has the perfect balance of an outstanding design for the hospital layout and emergency facility.

Xyruz Jior Caluag, Keilah Raj Segovia and Danison de Guzman chose Lanao del Norte as the area for the project as there was a time the province reached the danger level as they fought against the virus. Valuing and giving importance to bodies of water, which the name of the province came from, they aim to provide protection for the people while paying respect for their livelihood and culture.

The main form of the whole structure mimics a fish, paying homage to the rich fishing culture of the people. An aquaponic garden will be introduced, providing a sustainable approach to gardening, and a healthy way, too. Aquaponics add to the green and open environment created for the project.

Comfort for all walks of life is highly considered for the project. Walkways and accessible areas are properly situated and planned. Open areas were also vast, with eco friendly materials carefully chosen based on the local resources in the province.

The design and purpose of the aquaponic garden is to contribute in multiplying produce for the needs of the community and the hospital. The extended emergency facility is in a circular layout, allowing better accessibility for the health care workers as they take care of their patients. The emergency facility is mostly made out of bamboo which is durable, but can also provide a good aesthetic.