Changing the outlook of people towards hospitals is another aspect when it comes to building hospitals. Kalinaw, promoting new possibilities aims to use abundant materials while creating a well ventilated, properly planned hospital.

The projected location is in Camarines Norte and the main purpose of the hospital’s plan is to create a less traumatic environment for the patients and the locals. The Spira Lamp is a proposal for the hospital as it help address undernourishment. The spirulina is a blue green algae that easily grows in water, and is full of nutrients.

The design is inspired by the coral reef, symbolizing the industry in Camarines Norte which also symbolizes protection and a home.

Retractable and inspired by an accordion, the emergency facility is patterned to be easily built with aluminum framing combined with bamboo slots panel.

Kalinaw is the 3rd place winner of ArchiNEXT 2021. The entry is created by Gelene Francisco and Peter Jhon Marc Tubo from Bicol University.