PAG AGOS: Pag asa mula sa agos focuses on one of the most important resource, water. Burauen, Leyte is the chosen location of the group from University of Santo Tomas composed of Arvee Joseph de Armas, Nadine Calisang and Jesse Nathaniel Peran.

Water has been used for agricultural purpose, and its abundance was taken into consideration when creating the project.

The utilization of water plays a significant role in the hospital and extended emergency facility. The continuous flow of water is also the inspiration for the project title, Pag-agos.

Cheaper eco bricks are suggested in building long lasting structures. The durable eco bricks are cost efficient in the long run. Since water is really abundant, using it for electricity source fits the brief. In case of calamities and loss of the normal supply of electricity, this can be an alternative to sustain the hospital and extended facility operations. It is also eco friendly as it only requires energy from the stream.

Safe and potable water is given the highlight with their water filtration system. Integrating the community’s knowledge in agriculture and adding health and safety uplifts the community.
The emergency facility is extended from the tricycle waiting area. The area can easily be transformed into individual rooms through coco lumber frames and taslan fabric.

The entry Pag-agos is the 4th place winner of ArchiNEXT 2021.