6th Place: SUGBOK

6th Place: SUGBOK

SUGBOK came from two words: SUG is from “Nasugbu” which is the location of the project, and “BOK” is a syllable in the tagalong word “pagsubok” that means challenges. The combination of words birthed a concept for Nasubgu, one of the most populous municipalities in Batangas.

The plan is carefully thought of starting from its concept, down to its details. The pigeon is the vision and inspiration of the project, with its form and feathers as the main vision for the hospital.

Bamboo surrounds the space, making a warm impression that matches the inside.

Moving on to the Extended Emergency Facility, the white pigeon is still the inspiration for it signifies unity and strength as Filipinos face the pandemic. Environmental friendly materials complete the facility with its nipa roof, bamboo truss, windows, and wall panels.

SUGBOK is the 6th place winner for ArchiNEXT 2021. This one of the two individually created entries, made by Kevin Jugo of Cavite State University-Indang Campus.