Grand Winner: FORMOSA

Grand Winner: FORMOSA

Yvonne Joy Salamero and Adrian Jerome Pajarillo bags home the Grand Winner title for their design FORMASA: A proposed hospital and extended emergency facility.

The project is inspired to a pineapple which embodies the culture and heritage of Camarines Norte. “Pinyasan” festival is being held yearly in their province to showcase its prime agricultural product in a colorful week-long celebration. This reflects to the design, the façade of the main building shows the colorful variants of glasses which when reflected by sunlight, it gives more life to the building.

In terms of goal structure, the design aims to promote greener and sustainable Architecture. Eco-friendly materials were carried out to benefit healthy living, not just for the people but also to the environment. Green roof and solar panels are one of the main materials present in the design, which will boost energy and thermal heat reduction.

The locality has abundant vegetation and resources which was proposed to be utilized in the construction. Aside from the pineapple as a principal product, large quantities of bamboo are also present in the area. Integration of wood railings, indoor palm, climate-adaptive louvre, H2O, solar-design glass, permeable pavement, and pineapple leaf fiber are included for the design green sustainable innovations.

The main season of the facility is a combination of A-Frame house and sea containers. Construction of A-Frame roof has a great isometric angle that is perfect for against strong wind, and strength-wise safe in terms of durability. On the other hand, sea containers are materials that are not commonly used but is said to be efficient for room isolation and good for infection control according to studies. With that, it was utilized to form the space of the facility. In addition, it can also be easily constructed and removed when needed.

The proposed hospital and extended facility is located at Daet, Camarines Norte, along Dulongbayan Iraya Road which is easily accessible and not far from the main road. Daet is known as the capital of the province where business affairs are abundant and people used to travel more often into this town.

However, health departments are not given much of the attention thus in times of crisis are not well-equipped and cannot sustain the welfare of sick people. Due to limited capacity, lacking of green spaces can also be observed where these greens are essential for healing purposes.