July 26, 2019

Competition 2020

UGNAYAN: A Community Multiplex Interactive Space

Design Challenge

Continuing our vision to create masterpieces that signify magnificent ideas, ArchiNEXT 2020 raises the bar to challenge ingenuity in a relevant and timely structure that benefits the mass. We believe that these concepts elevate the abilities and skills of young designers as we prepare them for issues and encounters they’ll have in the future.

Ugnayan is the central, holistic public space that aims to nurture learning, recreation, and play at the same time. In this time of technology when everything is instant, this space allows people to breathe and appreciate nature, art, culture, and interpersonal communication.

It is the space most of the towns and cities need—somewhere people can meet, artists can feature their works, kids can learn and play, and most of all, anyone can access. It is where people can take a break from exhausting activities and long days, and be one in nature and culture.

Ugnayan or interrelation refers to how one or more things are connected with each other. In ArchiNEXT, Ugnayan is the integration of sharing knowledge and culture in an ideal architectural place where people can meet, interact, and communicate with each other. The project will allow people to have shared meanings of culture through activities while taking delight in the beauty of nature and the place’s design.

ArchiNEXT 2020 aspires to build an accessible, eco-friendly, and well thought out interactive structure for an ideal community we wish to live. Our aim to help young designers live up to their dreams of creating a better future through structure continues with the concept of Ugnayan.

Participants are required to include:

  • Public Park – a green, open area for rest with landscape architecture
  • Play Space – a child friendly outdoor space allotted for recreational activities of kids
  • Public Library/Admin Office – accessible indoor facility for students and visitors; includes the administration office of officers in charge of the facility
  • Art Exhibition Space – a rentable space for artists who want to showcase their masterpieces
  • Recreational Area – an open or enclosed space that sports, leisure, musical and cultural performances and other activities can take place

They should also give special consideration to:

  • Accessibility – structures in buildings or closed spaces (if any) should consider ease of access for People with Disabilities (PWDs), elderly, and pregnant women.
  • Rainwater catchment – participants are encouraged to propose an innovative solution for flooding
  • Walkways and bike lanes – enough walking areas and bike lanes can help in promoting a more eco-friendly, active lifestyle facility
  • Parking Areas – an additional area for private vehicles to lessen the possibility of contribution to congestion
  • Added facilities – participants can still suggest possible facilities if they deem fit for the project

Size: minimum of 5,000 SQM to a maximum of 10,000 SQM
(no maximum height requirement of structures above and below ground, as long as the height is reasonable and will not affect the aesthetic of the design concept)
Land/Space: Selection of Student (must be an actual site location, can be of their own city or nearby area)



ArchiNEXT 2020 is open to 3rd and 4th year bona fide Architecture students currently enrolled in any CHED-accredited and recognized College and University in the Philippines. Only one (1) entry per student is allowed.

Specified Output

  1. Maximum of four A3 sized bond paper in a portrait/ landscape orientation.
    1st-2nd A3 paper: Overall Concept, Location and Vicinity Map, Site Development, Aerial Perspectives, Lot Plan
    2nd-4th A3 paper: Detailed Floor Plans, Section, Elevations, Spot and other pertinent details
    *with dimensions or graphical scale
    *kindly label boards from 1-4
  2. Full Narrative of the Design Concept printed in a short bond paper.
    200-300 words, 1 page only

Submission: BOTH soft copy and hard copy are required


  1. Soft copy version must be saved in a CD labeled with entrant’s name and school.
  2. CD must contain the scanned copy of the entry form, scanned copy of the endorsement letter, design entries in high resolution .pdf format or .jpeg format, and full design statement in .doc or .docx format.
    *Blank or corrupted CD shall be disqualified


  1. Download and accomplish ArchiNEXT 2020 Entry Form in www.archinext.ph. Make sure that it is legibly filled up and signed by either the Dean of the College of Architecture or Chair of the College of Architecture or the UAPSA President.
  2. Attach Endorsement Letter signed by the Dean of the College of Architecture or Chair of the Department of Architecture ONLY.
  3. Submitted envelope must be labeled with identification* containing the accomplished entry form with signature (with complete details), design entries in A3 Paper or Board (maximum of four sheets), printed design statement (short bond paper), scanned school Identification Card (front and back), and the CD containing the soft copy of your requirements and entry.
    *Identification (name and school) in the entries shall strictly be at the back of each entry and design statement, and labeled in the envelope and CD.
  4. Upon completion of the requirements, send envelope containing both hard & soft copy through LBC addressed to:
    Hocheng Philippines Corporation
    Sales & Marketing Office
    1163 Chino Roces Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City 1203
    *Delivery fee is c/o Hocheng Philippines Corporation (download free shipping letter in our website)
  5. Only entries submitted/shipped on or before December 31, 2019 will be accepted.

December 31, 2019 (Tuesday)


Major Prizes

Grand Winner Php100,000
Top 2 Php 50,000
Top 3 Php 30,000
Top 4 and 5 Php 15,000
Top 6-10) Php 10,000

Special Awards Prize

Most Innovative Php 10,000
Best Presentation Php 10,000
Most Popular Php 5,000

Schools Counter-part prize:

Gold Php 25,000
Silver Php 20,000
Bronze Php 15,000
Most Participative Php 5,000

Contact Details
Website: www.archinext.ph
Email: archinextph@gmail.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/ArchiNEXTPH


Criteria for judging

Architectural Planning – 30%
The architectural plan must be associated with the needs of the community and the location. The selected area must be justified, and the strategic placement of different facilities is well planned. Part of this criterion involves the infusion of strengthening and empowering culture through architecture. The project must have an impact to the promotion of combined culture and communication in a traditional way in this modern world.

Landscape and Design – 30%
The design gratifies locals and visitors from other cities and has an inviting factor in it. Each facility’s design with a different purpose must be distinctive and easy to be identified by visitors. As a whole, the public area must have an eye catching landscape, whether it is aerial or eye level perspective. It encourages visitors to appreciate the beauty of manmade structures with a touch of designed nature.

Innovativeness – 20%
This refers to the ability of the student to present new, innovative, and creative solutions from the area. Given the land area of 5,000 SQM to 10,000 SQM only, the student must be able to think out of the box ideas on how to incorporate complete facility requirements in the land area.

Eco Friendliness – 20%
Green spaces, ecologically friendly materials, and sustainability should be considered in building the area. The public space must adhere to applicable requirements of The Philippine Green Building Code to lessen the impact of harm to the environment.