ArchiNEXT Congratulates New Architects

The ArchiNEXT Team is proud of 41 newly licensed Architects who passed the June 2019 Architecture Licensure Examination (ALE) and were also entrants of the Young Designers’ Competition.


Architect Redentor Mirano Jr. (Top 5 June 2019 ALE, ArchiNEXT 2016 Entrant)

Architect John Will Jay Dumot (ArchiNEXT 2015 Scholar, ArchiNEXT 2016 Top 3 and Scholar)

Architect Michelle Vergara (ArchiNEXT 2015 15th Runner Up)

Architect Rafael Vicerra (ArchiNEXT 2015 Scholar)

Architect Aeren Nicole Ocampo (ArchiNEXT 2016 10th Runner Up)

Architect Gene Airish Nepal (ArchiNEXT 2016 15th Runner Up)

Architect Joseph Mari Fantonial (ArchiNEXT 2016 Most Popular Awardee and Scholar)

ArchiNEXT 2015 Entrants:

Architect Joed Abad

Architect Rovilyn Mae Abejero

Architect Mark Sherwin Agbayani

Architect Grace Andres

Architect Charleen Arenas

Architect Charmine Cabahug

Architect Edward de Guzman

Architect Mark Edmine Gonzales

Architect Carlo Gulapa

Architect Jeruel Lachica

Architect Christian Mansibang

Architect Vince Dominique Omaque

Architect George Anthony Paguirigan

Architect Daryl Jan Ponciano

Architect Earnest Joy Quilana

Architect Benjie Earl Santos

Architect Joseph Allan Santos

Architect John Leen Sarcon

Architect Dexter Talaro

Architect Zhyra Mae Taller

Architect Kristie Toledo

Architect Mary Denise Tuazon

ArchiNEXT 2016 Entrants:

Architect Roemaric Aguas

Architect Jenseen Troy Base

Architect Patricia Pearl Dantic

Architect Lendhl Dela Cruz

Architect John Will Jay Dumot

Architect Renzo Gagui

Architect Carlo Gulapa

Architect Gian Paul Guevarra

Architect Kathleen Pearl Lacap

Architect Harvin Julius Lasquero

Architect Rene Mananquil

Architect John Michael Palacio

Architect Renz Kennedy Ramos

Architect Jelly Santos

Congratulations and may you be the inspiration of many young, aspiring Architects!

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