Archinext Winners’ Interview

Archinext Winners’ Interview

Archinext Young Designers’ Competition 2016 has touched the lives of the many most especially the winners. For the contestants, the event was not just a competition, but an avenue to further develop their abilities and fuel their personal desire of being model architects. This event became a stepping stone for them to show their full potential and bring their creative ideas into existence.

“I’m very grateful and blessed because there are thousands of architects that will be able to recognize me, my work and that is a privilege for me” Sergio Boy N. Bartolome, Grand Winner of Archinext 2016, said in Filipino. “My inspiration was the community itself, on how I could help and how I could better their situation through the challenge that HCG has given me” he added.

It is very heartwarming that the winners have their own genuine reasons that motivate them to becoming future builders. It is also comforting to know that winners are encouraging designer aspirants not to be afraid of pursuing their dreams no matter how young they are in the industry. “Love what you do, feel what you do and don’t hesitate to show what you can do” Bartolome’s message to those whose hearts are on architectural designing.

“To students like me who wanted to join competitions like this, keep on striving, keep on driving yourself to find that you can make a better design” Will Jay D. Dumot of University of Northern Philippines, 2nd Runner Up, on his message to students who want to hone their skills in the field of architecture. “There’s always a room for learning with regards to winning your design” he added.

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