9th Place: RASA

9th Place: RASA

Rasa, an abundant grass in Real,Quezon is the inspiration of our 9th Placer group this year from University of Santo Tomas. Angela Ysabelle Estrada, Vince Julius Diaz, and Kyle Robert Pasquin conceptualized the project with the thought of using a local, useful material to solidify the facilities.

Real, Quezon is a location vulnerable to natural disasters the Philippines experience annually. This is why the group came up to choose this as an ideal location, aside from the fact that there lacks an available and accessible hospital near the community.

This healthcare facility is bound to expand Real’s improvement when it comes to related medical services. The facility aims to be the center of health, safety, sustainability, comfort, and economy.

Rainwater catchment plays an important role for areas that experience flooding. The group suggested a rainwater catchment system that recycles water to be used in bathrooms, to save costs and resource. The photovolataic integrated panels made from local wood promotes ventilation while protecting guests from the direct ray of sun.

Coconut husks and lumber are materials emphasized for the extended emergency facility. Using prominent but durable materials to produce trapezoidal facilities are efficient, and with its feasible structure, emergencies can be catered fast.

Rasa is a competent project for a community who frequently experiences natural disasters but has abundant resources of materials for building.