Preserving Culture, Nourishing Architecture

Jonathan Temporada of Don Honorio Ventura State University projected an accessible place with a wise use of energy sources in his design for Anyuhay.

The structure is composed of a museum, a public library and a cultural center with public spaces and commercial stalls to add employment and income for locals.

The buffer zone is bound to have a large foliage tree that will also serve as access to the roof garden on top. Accessibility for PWDs is hugely considered in this project from the public spaces to parking spaces.

Inspired by the flow of water, glass is used to mimic the transparency and reflect the movement of water, absorbing light and circulating within.

The structure offers a pleasant view from the Skyway, after it becomes operational. The roof garden is visible to vehicles passing by, with the garden carrying another purpose of rainwater harvesting to circulate, collect and use it to water the plants. Solar panels are also incorporated, covered in vacuum insulated glass panels to let sunlight through without too much heat absorbed.

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