Daungan: Nature Art and Commune Park

Daungan: Nature Art and Commune Park

“Maligayang pag-abot sa Daungan.” This statement welcomes you to a collaborative journey in one of our winners for ArchiNEXT 2020. Reliving a rich part of our history, Timothy James Arambulo from the University of Santo Tomas was inspired by the Battle of Mactan and the beauty of Spanish influence expressed through structures in the Philippines.

Daungan: Nature Art & Commune Park takes you to a walk down memory lane, a time when modern Filipino culture can be observed and pay homage to.

Park amenities include sites that are inspired by galleons, sails, local culture, and even a balangay. This interactive and fun space is a sight to look at. Relaxing curves and neutral colors stand out and refreshes the eyes of visitors.

Coherent design surrounds the facilities, embracing art in every corner of Daungan. Natural light is maximized and greens are all over, literally bringing a breath of fresh air.

Timothy James Arambulo’s design won 7th Place in the competition. His masterpiece of cultural and architectural fusion allows visitors in the site to appreciate the importance of the past in the present time we’re living at.