Smart, innovative and resourceful, Project Panorama maximizes space with strategic positioning of all facilities without sacrificing circulation and aesthetics. Joshua Brian Delatado from Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City visualized Ugnayan in a fresh way— interpretatively and literally.

His utilization of bamboo as rainwater catchment is innovative and eco friendly, ticking two checks in our criteria for the competiton. Surrounding the space is a road plan that is perfectly executed for an organized flow of vehicles and additional parking space.

Complete facilities with an open court, Panorama also highlights it’s one of a kind library, with an interesting concept and feature for visitors to really take a look at and stay in the area. The whole layout relaxes readers with rotating bookshelves, indoor plants and good air circulation, making reading more comprehensive and calming.

Such concept involves a panoramic view of the whole structure, with raw and cheap materials that are durable and easily available in the Philippines. The whole project is interactive, organized, and somehow relaxing to the eye, enhancing its good quality for a social spot.

Delatado is one of the few who aced the competition, landing on the 2nd Place for ArchiNEXT 2020.