The Bridge

The Bridge

It all starts with a touching, real life story of students and fishermen of Sitio Tubig Manok. In so many ways, somehow this story reflects the status of some living in far flung areas; limited access to transportation, learning, and earning. With Lee’s project, The Bridge, it is closing one gap while opening a lot of opportunities for everyone. Overall, the project really aims to be sustainable, in nature, culture, and learning.

Sometimes we tend to ignore or let our thoughts be passive on stories about children taking risks everyday just to get to school, but this is more than just a telltale for Lee. It was used as the inspiration to start a project that can change lives of the youth and people who believe in them, like the fishermen who thoughtfully help them get to school daily.

As mentioned, it ticked a lot of boxes in this year’s theme, including caring for the natural resources and expanding it without sacrificing or harming it in a way. Abundant mangrove trees, naturally and improved by man are utilized, increases quantity of fish men can get, and even beautifying the area with an addition of bamboo roofs. The project is an interesting site where a lot of tourists and relaxation seekers would want to spend days, living the simple yet close to nature life.

We can tell that each facility is well thought of, “instagrammable” as they say. Soothing to the senses is every corner filled with native and creative materials.

A lot of improvement in this rural community is about to take place through The Bridge. The primary source of income of residents, fishing, will not be compromised, instead improved; learning for the students don’t have to be too risky through the library and learning facility; people can gather and even stay if they want to, increasing the income sources of residents as well.

ArchiNEXT continues to seek for ideas like this, a holistic approach for rural communities with vision of improving lives.

Bridge Lee is ArchiNEXT 2020’s Best Presentation Special Awardee and Grand Winner.