Green Horizon: About the People, for the People

Green Horizon: About the People, for the People

Lorenzo Angelo Mauricio from the University of Santo Tomas aspires to build a liveable community with walkable streets, green environment and safe space for the public to move around. His chosen site is the area around “Welcome Rotonda” in Quezon City.

A human centered community allows locals, workers, and visitors to freely roam around an aesthetic, purposeful environment for their daily needs.

The project is created with the vision to create a public space with efficient use such as the underground market, and utilizing a building for library and office spaces.

Mauricio believes that a healthy living environment is surrounded by structures that encourage people to walk more and use vehicles less, with enough shade and plants, including in the underground market garden. A PUV stop with shade is also praised as commuters won’t experience too much hassle in the daily routine.

Lorenzo Angelo Mauricio is the 9th Place Winner of ArchiNEXT 2020.

An improved Library and Gallery building is visualized to allow natural light to come in, with efficiency in energy and utilizing resources properly.