The Bridge

The Bridge It all starts with a touching, real life story of students and fishermen of Sitio Tubig Manok. In so many ways, somehow this story reflects the status of some living in far flung areas; limited access to transportation, learning, and earning. With Lee’s project, The Bridge, it is closing one gap while opening Read more about The Bridge[…]


Panorama Smart, innovative and resourceful, Project Panorama maximizes space with strategic positioning of all facilities without sacrificing circulation and aesthetics. Joshua Brian Delatado from Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City visualized Ugnayan in a fresh way— interpretatively and literally. His utilization of bamboo as rainwater catchment is innovative and eco friendly, ticking two checks Read more about Panorama[…]

Rigor’s Community Multiplex Green Interactive Space

Rigor’s Community Multiplex Green Interactive Space ArchiNEXT continues to seek sustainable projects and Cyris Joaquin Rigor from Mapua University presented a well thought of, environmental friendly design that also requires not much cost for it to be attainable. Inspired by the blooms of a sunflower, it radiates positive energy through various reductions of heat, and Read more about Rigor’s Community Multiplex Green Interactive Space[…]